EY - Entrepreneur of the year




B2B, Film led, Hybrid Event


To build a better working world


The Entrepreneur of the year is regarded globally as one of the premier events and awards recognising emerging and game changing entrepreneurs. But the roadshow events needed to evolve in a way that would re imagine this prestigious event.


COVID-19 forced the world to shift in a way like never before in our lifetimes. It was a pressure test for entrepreneurs, displacing short-term focused big talkers from the true change makers innovating with purpose at heart. Propelling a new spirit of entrepreneurs into the limelight to reimagine the future.

& Solution

Our content mission was to shine a light on Oceania’s new entrepreneurial spirit, evolving the EOY from a series of awards events into a content platform that would celebrate the heart of the entrepreneur and then invite the audience to the cultural heart of Australia for an exclusive hybrid event live streamed from Uluru. The awards would take a twist with a high profile judging panel selecting the finalists and the event would be a mix of culture, arts and entrepreneurialism including a data led live painting from indigenious artist Barbara Weir mapped from where the audience were watching, Performances by Missy Higgins and for the first time the people’s choice award.


Initial engagement at launch include: 46.28% video view rate (benchmark = 26.4%) 0.46% click through rate (benchmark for video = 0.32%) 3.27% engagement rate (APAC benchmark = 0.98%, global benchmark = 0.6%) $0.09 cost per video view (current market average for similar audiences and advertisers is $0.18 - $0.49)
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