Crust Pizza - Music collaboration /Event/ Campaign


Crust Pizza


B2C, Film led, Hybrid Event


To bring people closer through delicious food that’s prepared with love.


Great pizza has been subverted for millennials by the likes of Dominos and Pizza Hut with their low cost, low quality offer. We needed to change the conversation and re-establish pizza as a quality experience thanks to Crust.


Pizza had become a low value, gut-fill eating experience. At its core, pizza should be a fun, quality experience to be shared with friends.

& Solution

We set about giving Crust new relevance beyond talking about their pizzas and ingredients. We needed to excite and inspire our target audience about the total experience that Crust delivers. Our content mission: To reimagine what pizza and life can be when lived out of the box. We plugged into culture creating a holistic collaboration with a band who exemplified living life out of the box: Peking Duck.


Unique reach: 4.48m people Ooh 2.9 million Radio 3.8 million Social 1.1 Million Social Engagement: 149,000 likes, shares, comments PR Value $773 000 Cost per engagement 7 cents 130% increase in new customers Mumbrella Awards Finalist Best Collaboration
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