NRMA Centenary


“3rdspace deliver yet again under the most trying of circumstances as the state went into lock down, to help the NRMA tell our story in our 100th year…Fabulous work ! Another beautiful piece delivered by 3rdspace.”

Angela Tobin

Brand Communications Manager at The NRMA


“We’ve helped Australians through 100 years of good times, and hard times. We’re there for our whole community when they need us.

In the good and the bad times. From Spanish flu way back when to, bush fires and floods our core essence hasn’t changed we’re still here to support communities.  This mini documentary series and supporting content tells that story beautifully”

Marie Ferret

Head of Creative and Brand at NRMA



Our challenge was to bring to life the journey the NRMA has been on over the last 100 years to celebrate their centenary in a year that was set to be one of the most challenging of all time.



Australia is a community that get each other through the tough times by banding together and supporting each other, and through Covid this commitment and resilience was stronger than ever. Throughout the hard times, Australians love to pack up the car and go on road trips throughout regional destination to help support communities across the country.



At the beginning of 2020 we set out with the NRMA on a Roadtrip, collaborating with them to promote and tell the story of Bright Futures, a series of events around NSW. While on the road we would talk to a diverse mix of locals in towns who have survived through bushfires, floods and economic downturn to discover what really brings them together as a community.


As COVID struck, our 6 events were reduced to 2 and so we took the interviews and footage we had captured and developed a mini documentary. The piece celebrated community and reinforced the NRMA purpose to give  Members more while keep them safe on every one of their journeys.



A mini documentary that highlighted the amazing history of the NRMA utilising imagery from their publication The Open Road, interviews with team members of The NRMA and people from all walks of life from various areas of NSW. The documentary highlighted our love of the great Aussie Roadtrip and it’s importance in supporting each other and our economy.



Hero Mini Documentary

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