EY LinkedIn Live



EY needed an agile way to reach their target audiences during a time of immense change and uncertainty. Unable to produce content in person, we needed to find a solution that would deliver EY’s mission of helping leaders adapt in uncertain times by giving them the confidence to take action.



Never before have we been in such a VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment. Governments around the world are running containment strategies, while business and the community are flung into a situation of fear, that in some cases borders on panic.



EY locally and internationally have some of the best leaders and thinkers in the world. Our brand platform of ‘Joining the Conversation’ is not EY making opportunity out of panic, it’s about our teams living our purpose even in the most uncertain times; helping leaders across the globe to enable the working world to be better, day by day. Through a dialogue-shaping LinkedIn Live stream, we bring three of EY Oceania’s top minds together to share their thoughts on the current environment with EY’s target audiences.



In less than two weeks we prepared a LinkedIn Live stream to facilitate a discussion on the impacts of COVID-19, leadership, collaboration and trust. Jenelle McMaster, acting as a moderator, along with EY partners Clare Payne and Jo Masters, discussed topical subjects relevant to the pillars during this time of uncertainty. The stream was recorded through the participants’ computers and streamed via a split-screen vision in 3rdspace’s virtual production studio.



The livestream accumulated over 8,000 views in 30 minutes, with 587 live reactions on the platform and 537 questions and comments, achieving a total engagement rate of 13.75%.