Content Marketing….Come on Down!

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing….Come on Down!

90% of the content in the entire world was generated within two years alone (Forbes, 2018). With no signs of stopping and statistics increasing each year, it becomes even more important to have a strong content strategy that brings the brand’s tone of voice to life in a way that is away from the competition and involves the audience.

Often content creators get stuck in rut, creating the same styles of content over and over to tell their story. To cut through, you need to mix it up a bit – and when a challenge comes up that needs to cut through, look at all formats of content and channels to tell the story in a way that involves the audience.

As an example, here’s how we’ve done it for our mates at Globus Travel:

A large percentage of holidays are sold through travel agents. So, these agents become a very important part of telling the brand’s story. We need to find innovative ways to inspire them to want to tell that story and build their product knowledge about the Globus family of Brands: Avalon Waterways, Globus, Cosmos and Monograms.

To do this we needed to step back and look at the cultural context:

The reason so many people are attracted to the travel industry is not just the bloody obvious “they love travel,” but that they also love dealing with people and being well-informed about the wonderful places and experiences in this beautiful world. And most importantly, being involved in an industry that allows you to have some fun while they work.

Earlier this year, we engaged travel agents around the Avalon Waterways brand with a hidden camera prank at a range of travel agencies, as we brought the view from an Avalon Waterways cruise to them, here’s how one stunt played out.

Next month, we take involving the audience to an entirely new level.

It’s not a poll or a quiz.

It’s a real live Travel Game Show!


The approach is still the same; ensure the content lines up with our strategy and content mission to bea family of brands that allows you to ‘Go Live It’. Also ensure it reflects our tone of voice. But then….. in the execution, really think about how we can provoke action and involve the audience

The launch film drives to a microsite where travel agents answer 5 questions to qualify their travel agency to be a part of the game show.

Ten teams will compete in Sydney on a purpose-built TV game show set in front of a live studio audience of their peers, all captured on our cameras to become the Globus Family Travel Agency Champions. Then, 10 individual travel agents will be invited to “Come On Down” to take part in the second section of the game show for the chance to take home the trophy and win an Avalon cruise as the travel consultant champion.

The engagement within the industry has been fantastic, including take overs on industry travel blogs, and a massive wave of entries and conversation on industry social sites.


Content Marketing Strategy

This is an example that we hope may inspire you to do your content marketing differently to the rest of the pack.

If you’d like to know more about how it came about, drop us a line.