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Once we’ve defined your brand purpose, we want to understand more about your existing social audience. We want to know about the content your target audience consumes, loves and shares. We discover this through our content audit process.


When you think about it, you probably wouldn’t put a new product into market without a category audit and some research,

so why would you start making content without an understanding of what the target wants?


Our content audit and bespoke content research allows us to put the consumer at the heart of our content strategy.

In our content audit process, we dig deep to find out what content you’ve been making, where you’ve been publishing it and how your audience has been responding to it.

We also look at what your competitors are doing and how their content is resonating, compared to yours.


From this content audit data we create a content study with your target audience.

This survey tests a range of content both from brands and else where to gain additional insights into the types of content that resonate with your consumer and what content they believe could and should come from your brand.


We’ll then take these findings and create a content audit report that will include core insights we can use to start developing your content strategy.


We’ll cover questions such as:

– How your content can support the business core purpose

– What types of content will resonate with your audience

– How your content should provoke action

– What the KPIs for the content strategy should be

– And what content your brand will be famous for.

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